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water project - maria panayotova -olli virtaperko (fi) - multimedia installation

contempo 2013 presents / представя
water - multimedia installation by maria panayotova (bg / usa) and olli virtaperko (fi) 
water - мултимедийна инсталация - мария панайотова (българия/сащ )- оли виртаперко (финландия)
градска художествена галерия „борис георгиев” - л.каравелов 1 
city art gallery boris georgiev - 1 luben karavelov st
вернисаж /opening : 19.05. -  18:30- 20:30
duration: 19 may - 16 june 2013 

about the project:
The installation “Water” creates a space where the interplay of water and light is taken further by inviting the observer to experience the physical environment of the subject matter in the video. The movement of the water on the screen is reflected in a physical pool of water which itself is further reflected thus creating the illusion of endless space and bringing us to the idea of infinity of possibilities of how we could perceive and respond to the world around us.
“Water" is a collaboration between Bulgarian-American composer/video installation artist Maria Panayotova and Finnish composer Olli Virtaperko. The video came to life in the form of a commission by the composer for the Tampere Biennale 2014 in Finland. The music portion of the piece is called "Soabbegealdinoaivi", which refers to a mountain region in Finnish Lapland and the vastness of the landscape made of little hills is illustrated in the music by the melodic repetitive pattern, which goes up and down all the time and the use of polyrhythms. The video footage is reflections of light over water shot in Venice which seemed to perfectly fit the rhythm of the musical layers, so while the two creators were inspired by different natural phenomena, they both agree that the video does depict the essence expressed in the music.

за проекта:
Инсталацията "Water" създава пространство, където си взаимодействат вода и светлина, пространство където посетителите да могат да се поставят в симулирана сходна природна среда -обект на мултимедийната творба.Движението на водата от екрана се отразява в реален басейн с вода, което от своя страна  повторно се отрязява с нарочно изградените отражателни обекти в залата  на галерията,този огледален ефект на отражение на отражението има за цел да създава трайна илюзия за безкрайно пространство, да връща към идеята за безкрайността на възможностите, за това как бихме могли да възприемаме и да реагираме на даобикалящия ни свят.
"Water" е резултат от сътрудничеството между български-американския композитор и видео артист Мария Панайотова и финландския композитор Оли  Виртаперко. Творбата ще бъде представена на следващото издание на финландското биенале Tampere през 2014.
Музиката, използвана във Water e дело на Виртаперко и е част от по-голяма композиция, наречена "Soabbegealdinoaivi" на името на планински район в финландска Лапландия и именно с тази необятност на пейзажа на финските хълмовете пресъздадена с мелодичен повтарящ се модел,използващ полиритми е илюстриран светлинния рефлекс от движението на водата в каналите на Венеция, заснети и композирани от Мария Панайотова, чийто дело е и организацията на галерийното пространство.Резултатът е видуалена поезия и летеж.

about the authors :
Maria Panayotova (b. 1976) is a Bulgarian-American composer who combines her aesthetic sensibility derived from her eastern European heritage with experimental approaches to composition. Her works make use separately or together of acoustic instruments, electroacoustic music, video and sound installations. The later are based on nature footage and sound and incorporate also in the gallery space natural physical elements connected to the video and sound.  She holds a doctorate in composition from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. She has also studied at University of Maryland (UMCP) and Mannes College of Music. She has hold teaching responsibilities at CCM, UMCP and the New Bulgarian University.
Some of her participations include sound/video/site specific installation at the World New Music Days in Zagreb (2011), the International Computer Music Conference (Belfast, 2008), Atlantic Center for the Arts with Kyle Gann, Chicago Filmmakers ?Switched on Video? Festival, Electronic Music Midwest, Society of Electroacoustic Music in the United States, Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, SPARKFEST, International Women's Electroacoustic Listening Room Project- BIMhuis in the Muziekgebouw (Amsterdam), Voices on the Edge: Electroacoustic Listening Room, 2002-2005 Works by Women Composers in Electroacoustic Music, Merging Voices: Women in New Music Festival (Cal State-Fullerton). She was also a winner of the International Alliance of Women in Music Search for New Music. In 2013 she was awarded Heidelberger Kunstlerinnenpreis with a commission by Theater und Orchester Heidelberg and performance by Heidelberg Phillharmonic orchestra.  

Olli Virtaperko ( b. 1973) begun his composition studies 1993 in Edinburgh University with Nigel Osbourne and Peter Nelson. He continued his studies with Tapio Nevanlinna at Sibelius-Academy, from where he graduated 2005. Virtaperko’s breakthrough as a composer was his critically acclaimed orchestral work Kuru (Ravine, 2009, for Finnish Rso), followed by an equaly praised Five Words of Calvino (Double Concerto for Cello, Accordeon and Symphony Orchestra, 2010). Virtaperko’s music has been performed in the majority of European countries as well as in The United States and Russia. The orchestras that Virtaperko has worked with include the Radio Symphony Orhcestras of The Netherlands and Finland, Windkraft Tirol (Austria) European Jazz Orchestra (Danmark), Sinfonia Lahti (Finland), UMO Jazz Orchestra (Finland) and Metropole Orchestra (The Netherlands).
In addition to being the artistic director of Tampere Biennale contemporary music festival Virtaperko is known as an active participant in cultural debate, YLE Radio 1 of the Finnish Broadcasting Company being his primary forum, to which he has contributed over 100 programs since 2007.
Alongside with composition Virtaperko leads Ensemble Ambrosius, an ensemble that has become famous for its interpretations of Frank Zappa’s music on Baroque period instruments. Selected as “The Record of Year 2001” by the Belgian Broadcasting Company as well as “The Record of Week 2/2001” by The Observer, London, the group’s debute cd The Zappa Album brought an exceptional contribution to the musical heritage of Frank Zappa. Virtaperko has also been a member of European Jazz Orchestra (2003) and the singer of Finland’s most succesful rock group in the late 90’s, Ultra Bra.

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